Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring Break in NYC

Spring Break couldn't come soon enough this year. Although Pat's break was much shorter then mine, we still managed to fit in a day trip to New York City. It was the perfect day to walk around the city. We started by heading to a place called the Doughnut Plant in the Lower East Side. We are big fans of the Food Network and whenever we head to a new place, we always look for suggestions from various shows. This place happened to be on "Throwdown with Bobby Flay." Unfortunately for us, Monday happens to be the one day they are closed (now known thanks to the help of a local).

A little disappointed and even hungrier, we decided to head to our lunch destination a little early. We went to Madison Square Park for a delicious burger at the Shake Shack. This was on "Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, which is on of Pat's favorite shows to watch." Our second visit here and we still absolutely love it.

The line is pretty long, but well worth the wait. Plus, the park is beautiful to relax in.

Our next stop was Grand Central Station. I have passed through here before but never actually seen the main terminal. It is beautiful! The ceiling depicts the view of the winter constellations in New York.

Next was the New York Public Library and Bryant Park. I have always wanted to go to the library so it would figure that when I actually do the front is covered so it can be refaced.

We needed to go to Time Square and get in line for tickets at TKTS. So surprised to see some of the streets are now blocked off completely to cars. They have chairs, tables, and planters all over.
To enjoy the beautiful day, we decided to head to Greenwich Village and walk around the neighborhood. I loved this cat just hanging out watching the birds! What a quaint place it is-it was great to just walk around and enjoy the day.
After a long day of walking, we decided to people watch in Washington Square Park. This is a monument to Washington that is basically a mini version of the Arc de Triumph in Paris. This park was very crowded and NYU surrounded it.
For dinner we headed back toward Broadway so we wouldn't have to rush to get to our show. Another "Throwdown" restaurant was on our to-eat list. It was the Sloppy Joe throwdown and the place is called Schnipper's Quality Kitchen. It was a fun, quick dinner with really good Mac-n-cheese. The sloppy joe's were pretty good (not excellent since I don't really think Sloppy Joe's should be categorized as such)

Finally we arrived at the showtime so we headed to the James Theatre for "American Idiot." We had great seats (2nd row of the mezzanine) and really enjoyed the show. If you are open to a great show with Green Day's music (obviously not typical of broadway musicals), then this is the show for you. The entrance to the theatre had writing all over the walls with sharpies waiting for you.
We really enjoyed the show and our wonderful day in the city!


  1. Sounds like an awesome trip! Hope to see you guys soon on the left coast! lol -Mark

  2. Hi Amy!!

    I just followed a tracker from my Sugar Rush blog to your blog!! Welcome to the world of blogging, it's so much fun! Love yours and your title is so cute!